Instagram confirmation email not coming

Anyone had this problem before? I have received the confirmation codes in the past for the same account, but this time the email from Instagram doesn’t come in the gmail address anymore. Yes I checked spam folder, I have this problem for more than 48 hours already. Any idea, could be the account disabled/banned?

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try changing the email to something else see if the code comes on the new email.If it does try swiching back and trying again.


Try to use a small trick.
First, use the forgotten password option, change the password, and then ask for the code.


Thanks @jakim, this time received the email, changed the password then immediately received the same request to verify it again. Only this time I received the code. And it worked :slight_smile: Thank you, you saved my day!

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I am having the same problem.

However, the forgot password trick doesn’t work either. I also don’t get that email. Been going on for a few days now.

Anyone else have this problem and know of a solution?

At the time of your writing there was an IG issue which is now solved by itself. No trick could make the verify email to arrive in the inbox.


try them once now

yes, its good now

I have a problem using the forgotten password, email notification but when I check email never received. Someone help me with?

Try now its working

I am having this issue with a new client. I go to verify the account in Jarvee and get an email confirmation message.

The client got a notification in app to confirm it was them logging in, which they did, but the account still needs the email verification and they didn’t receive anything.

Any insight greatly appreciated

nevermind, I just attempted to verify the account a second time in Jarvee and it went straight to valid