Instagram conversation participant retrival

Hello everyone,

I’m looking for a way to get the usernames or IDs of all users who contacted my Instagram page, I know about the possibilty of retriving and then downloading the data manualy, but this isnt what im looking for. I tired to use Instagram Graph API, so that I can get the list whenver I request a call, but unfortunalty, the API doesnt have an endpoint with users who contacted the page.
I dont know if there are any other unofficial APIs that can solve this, or maybe a different way to do so. Or maybe if there are online services that recives webhooks and get me new users who contacted my page. If anyone knows about any of that I would appreciate your share.

One last thing, just so I make sure I explained what I want exactly. There are 2 ways of doing things, either:

I keep requesting API calls, and retrieve all the users who contacted the Instagram page.
I install a webhook to the Instagram page, so that whenever a new user contacts the page I get his username/ID added to my database.

Both these solutions are good for me… would appreciate if anyone shares with me the way to achieve this, or maybe if there are online servicis for this.

Thank you all in advance!