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Hello guys , i’m new here it’s my first day i saw that this forum is doing really great and i’m interesting on instagram marketing , i think that the best way the start is reading some courses , so i’m asking if you guys can send me some instagram courses to start learning ^^ and thank’s for giving me time


Your friend :point_up::point_up:


Here is a basic course to start from and its free:
That’s the 1x1 of Instagram Marketing from the best software provider itself.


1+ For the free Jarvee course.
I’ve taken a couple of the ones that cost 1000$ and I honestly think that free course was better. Most of these courses are designed for beginners and the information is nothing special, even though they all promise the holy grail of IG marketing.

If I were you I’d start with the Jarvee course, add a few accounts into Jarvee, learn how to grow them and how this all works and take it from there.

And like @intadog metnioned, the search bar is your new best friend. Thought it’s VERY easy to get overwhelmed with info so start with a couple of accounts and learn the basics before you expand.


+2 for the Jarvee course, surprisingly good for no cost, I found it quite useful.

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Send me an pm, i will send a couple of courses your way :slight_smile:

thank’s guys that mean a lot for me really <3

Welcome to the forum! Search, read and learn from forums like this one, it’s your best option. If you have any doubts, don’t be afraid to ask, we all start somewhere :+1:

Hey would you send me the links to my email