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A few weeks ago I started manually developing my IG account. When I started developing an account I follow only teenagers I earned from $ 0.5 to $ 1.5 per day. Now I want to automatize my work. Today is the fifth day of using the software. In 4 days I got 3 leads: in first day 2 click 1 lead, second day 5 click 1 lead, the third day 2 click 1 lead, the fourth day 2 click 0 lead. I earned $1.59 in 4 days. How do you think these results good if I earn CPA ? I want to start scaling, but I don’t know my results are good or should change something. I will add that for the first three days I was following only 500 peoples, on the 4th day around 800 peoples. In 4 days I received about 100 followers and about 1000 following in my IG account.

Thats very good for cpa earnings. But believe me, it will be harder than you think to scale.

Why do you think that scale is very harder ?

Btw. Only I asked about the earnings I achieved using software, not the result I made manually ? It is a a good result ?

Its hard to scale because instagram is hard to spam on due to blocks, bans, and verifications of all sorts.

It is a good result if the money you make per account covers your expenses. In your case 50 cents per account most likely will be profitable unless you use very expensive tools.

May I ask what niche?

Ok, Thank you for help.

Free followers

How often IG will get blocks, bans, and verifications ?

You can’t rely on these small statistics. You need like 100 clicks a day a minimum and run for weeks to make any sense of the data. The fact that you are getting leads with such a little traffic is a good sign.Try to understand why it worked and scale it slowly.

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