Instagram cracking down hard on bots because of 2020 United States presidential election!

Good to know :wink: :slight_smile:

I think that it is the reason number one, but there is also a reason number two.

The reason number two is LIBRA coming :slight_smile:

This is the best thing I’ve ever seen.

it makes sense what he’s saying since i’m getting a PV wave. Seems to be like a monthly thing as if IG is sweeping it once a months no matter what. It’s probably easier to detect if it’s mother slave.

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Hahahahahhahaha oh hell yah Mojooo :joy:

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same for me as well. It seems that once I get a phone verification for an account, instagram just leaves that account alone

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@Powerlifter Did you get a full wave of PV’s?

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A couple of email verifications and one phone verification

It just makes you think whats the end goal.

I mean surely there must be a reason they want Trump to fail. Automation produces a huge amount of traffic (with people reacting to the automation eg being followed by an automated account) so it must bring them huge profits.

I wonder why would they be fine with losing tons of money just for the “right” candidate to win.

Tbh I hope trump wins again, I love seeing these moronic liberals cry

Well that’s okay! Mine was blood red at least for all tools (i think 30) that were active and not auto stopped. But i noticed it’s like a monthly wipe.

I assume it’s a way to stop mass russian bots for the elections since they probably arent able to verify them again with numbers (too time consuming and expensive) but botters are able to recover

this thread turning political – hmm, not good.

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Yeah, I agree. My accounts are in the clear for now… until the next month! :joy:

I read up on this topic when I was researching the masslooking tool. Russia is miles ahead of the game on spamming/bot process and yes facebook being under congressional fire this year has brought these issues to light.

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Can we talk about Boris johnson instead? :thinking: I’m KiDdInG

is that a new csharp bot for Snap?

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So what you are saying is that after the last Cambridge Analytica scandal - which has just been settled and caused lots of damage to Facebook and its affiliate companies. Its staff have been told “we don’t want Trump to win… so our strategy should be to close down all of the bots and actively seek to do anything which interferes another election; of which we have just received billions in fines for and our CEO has been in the news every week for over a year regarding breach of privacy etc” - I don’t mean to sound negative. Maybe it is true. But it sounds a little unrealistic.

Here is some background entertainment

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Interesting infos here! :joy::joy: Trump won the elections because of the memes. Shouldn we move this top secret info to lvl 2?


I would prefer to move some more users to lvl 0 instead :joy: