Instagram crashes when I switch between profiles

Heya Everyone,

I was facing an issue on my Instagram app since many days and I was ignoring it…
Actually I have 4 profiles logged in on my Instagram app and whenever I switch between them my Instagram application closes automatically.
Sometimes when I open dm section the same happens. Has anyone know why is this happening ?

All 4 profiles are really important for me and all of them have 50k - 90k followers so I don’t want any kind of issue with these Instagram accounts.

So do you guys think it is safe to use them like this ?

100% software / hardware problem on your device. Nothing to do with the specific accounts running.

Also you should be fine with having multiple accounts connected to one device, since IG allows this.

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Than I think it’s hardware problem and I need to change my device 🥲…

Could be bad RAM

Actually I am Using these accounts on my secondary device and it’s a cheap Chinese Phone :joy:.

Got it I need to change my device .

i have portal in facebook and instagram

You mean I should report bug to Instagram on this url ? Right ?

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Which Smartphone brand You were using ? Actually sometimes I face the issue …

For these 4 accounts I was using xiomi device