[Instagram] Creating a brand in Instagram

Hey! I am creating contant for newly created brand. I just branded all the photos with logos, hashtag etc.

I am thinking about that:

  1. Is it good to create several brand accounts on Instagram or it is better to use only one brand account?
  2. I can change images’ background images, text color etc for newly created brand account but images would be different. Is it a good step?

Thank you for your answers.

I would use one main and post original images there.

Then create couple of other accounts and push traffic from there to main account.
You can use repost tool, repost images from main account and keep original caption, add something like reposted from @username follow them for more great posts.

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Thanks for the answer. But what about those other side accounts shall be about? What to post there?

Same niche, similar pics or even reposts from your main account.

Thank you :slight_smile: I will create side accounts posting similar photos :slight_smile:

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and when you get some followers on “side accounts” start promoting your main account in caption of photos you’ll post on side accounts.

Will Instagram banned you if you repost only from one source??

I mean it is kind of similar with spamming right??

To be honest, what all of you with Follow/Unfollow and Like tools are doing is spamming. Reposting is stealing others content :slight_smile:

There’s always risk of ban, of course, whether you use Mass Planner or not, risk is there.

Be cautious when buying accounts. I’ve heard many stories of people getting scammed and finessed.