[Instagram] Creating and growing brandable accounts

Hi. I am planning to create 5 accounts in 5 niches.
I am planning to make brandable accounts (make unique logo for each account).
I was thinking about that:

  1. what if I am going to give brandable usernames for each account, like: cosmo_eats; cosmo_cars; cosmo_design, etc.? And what if I am going to make similar logos to each account? Will it raise flags for Instagram for using similar usernames (brand name at the beggining of the usernames) and making similar logos for each account?
  2. It is good to watermark pictures that were taken from internet, google images, instagram, tumblr? Or it is better to upload those pictures as it is?
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Ig shouldn’t ban you, but consider that people may notice this and they eventually flag your accounts, but I learnt that these things doesn’t matter at all. Just make these accounts and start growing them. I run 20 similar accounts in one niche without any problem

It mostly depends on what you’re going to do with those account. If you’re going the whitehat route it should be totally fine. People will say they flag accounts, but for what if you’re not doing cpa or anything bad? :slight_smile: As long as you’re legit you should be fine.

@Johnny I am planning to create a network on brand name. There will be a niche Luxury (main), and sub-niches: watches, houses, etc.
So you are saying it is safe to make accounts for those sub-niches with usernames, like:
mojo-watches, mojo-houses etc?
I see some people on Instagram doing that. Maybe because of brand recognition?
I think it is good approach to make this like that. Or maybe I am wrong?

As I said if you’re doing the whitehat approach then yes, it sounds as a nice thing to do so you should go for it :slight_smile: