[Instagram] Curating top posts of an account?

Hey Guys,

I want to know if someone of you have a script to scrape the top x posts of a instagram user?

I know that some people can do that for FB posts, so becauseit’s the same company there should be a way, that you can do that for Instagram?

I know the page “topnine” or sth like this and it shows the posts (poorly cropped) but don’t give you the possibility to download them or sth.

You can use Mass Planner repost tool to scrape the x number of recent posts and either repost them directly or send them to your campaign.

i think he wants to only post something that had a very good engagement not just all the posts.

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Exactly @trueword

@Said method would still work if you used the filter by Likes and Comments filters. If you manually monitored the top posts for your niche over a couple of days you’d get a general idea of numbers of comments / likes needed to hit the Top Posts then use those numbers.

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