Instagram Data Analysis Insights

Hi All,
I wanted to share a series of insights with you that we found while analyzing a huge number of Instagram posts while building our product. We have integrated the findings of this analysis into our product. The basic objective of the analysis was to understand what dimensions affect the engagement percentage of the posts on Instagram.

We analyzed the posts across many dimensions. A few of them are:

  • The time between consecutive posts
  • Number of hashtags
  • Length of captions
  • The volume of the hashtags used

As the first part of many to follow insights series, let’s start with the first dimension - “Time between consecutive posts”:

  • What should be the best time between consecutive posts for optimum engagement?
    The optimum time between consecutive posts should be < 2 days. The chart on the left shows a clear pattern that in general engagement percentages start to decline as time since the previous post increases. For best engagement, the chart suggests doing one post a day actively.

  • What is the golden number of posts to do each day?
    The optimum number of posts per day is 1 post. There’s a clear pattern in the chart on the right that in general the first post is going to receive maximum engagement and the engagement is going to drop for the subsequent posts made on that day. Like the previous point, the chart suggests doing one post a day for a better engagement percentage.

That’s it for the insights on the first dimension. Try these suggestions and let me know if these work for you!

If you guys want me to answer any questions you might have through Instagram data, comment down and let me know! Looking forward to the next post!

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Thanks for the data - it’s nice to see visualisations like this.

That second point about how many posts per day is cool. It would be interesting to see what the payoff is for the additional reach and growth those extra posts get you. Anecdotally, there seems to be a lot of people who get high growth with 4-10 posts per day, and the lower engagement is a price you’ll willingly pay for it.

It shows the importance of optimising everything for the current goal.

Golden informations.

I always advised to not post more than 3x per day, and that 1x is definitely enough. We can see that clearly here :slight_smile:

It’s of course niches / accounts variable, but the more you spam, the more you piss everyone I guess.

Thanks for this very detailed analysis. Yes, I’ve noticed that 1st posts usually have the best engagement.

Thanks @denis1 for validating these insights! Hope you’ll like the next set of insights too.

Thanks, @Jaha for those validating words.