Instagram Deleting My Posts

First of all, sorry for my english. Last night I opened instagram and it asked me for my cellphone number to verify my account, I put it and verify it, and when I go to my profile the number of my posts start to increase and descease. I close ig and open it again and It ask me for my cellphone once again, then it happens the same thing with the number of my posts. I have 815 posts and now it says that I have 280, and I lost a lot of photos and videos. Is this a bug? How can I fix this? I read in other sites that the posts should come back in 48 hours but I’m not sure about that. I already report the error. Thank you.


Yes. All your posts should come back.

Were you botting this account on a proxy? Or have you only used it on your phone on your home IP or cell IP?


As @RustyBread pointed out, they will come back.

(Was a bit to slow with the posting, sorry)


So happy to hear that brother, I post all the art that I made in there and It broke my heart to see all that dissapear. Hope they come back soon. I have it logged in on my cellphone and my computer, with my IP. I also have two more accounts, one for my clothing brand and other private. Is that a problem? Recently I started to promote myself following people and unfollowing but in a slow rate, like 50 accounts per 2-3 hours or more… would that cause this? Thank you for your attention!

As long as your 3 accounts are on your home residential IP or phone IP that is no problem at all.

And no following 50 accounts every 2-3 hours is very slow and safe :slight_smile:

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Thank you soooo much brother for answering my concerns! I will wait for the posts to come back and continue use instagram like I used to do. Love from Argentina :slightly_smiling_face:!!!

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Never happen to me before, glad to hear that may be just a bug, it’s time to backup all your photos account if you haven’t already, you never know. Update us when they come back!

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They just come back, before 48 hours! I’m so happy, I thought that they were gone forever. Hope that it never happens to you!

how do you guys get the post back?
mine dropped from 1k+ post to 10 post and not returning even after multiple reports.

As far I know (cause it happened to me too some times ago) posts usually come back after some times. If your botting on that account, what helped me was to rest the account for a bit, then posts reappeared
I think it’s not the answer you wanted to have, but hope it will help anyway :slight_smile:

yea definitely not something i wanted to hear.
But good to know that there are chances I can get them back.
It has been almost 2 weeks though