Instagram deleting posts

Hey guys,i run 40+ accounts (on different proxies both IPV4 and IPV6) and in last 2 weeks instagram just deleted almost all my posts on them and i don`t even use hashtags,does someone have this problem?

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Could be a PV issue have you verified them?

I am currently running 100 accs with HighProxies proxy.
I do not use geolocation or hashtag, and fortunately I haven’t met this problem yet.

If you are on babes niche, thats normal. Their algo detected your pics as ‘naughty’ so they deleted it. Although there is no real line from which are the naughty pics categorized look like

Are you reposting content without crediting?

Unfortunately most of them weren`t on PV or EV

I repost pictures and create my unique captions without crediting.
On this account i used vk. com pictures with my own captions,it had 40 photos-now its left to one
I`ve been told that not crediting is ok until owner sees it and presses the button,so i changed md5 and a bit of contrast/brightness,and got almost everywhere except food niche…

Instagram will sometimes auto delete posts for accounts without PV or EV

Yep - have had this happen with my accounts too … very strange.

There is nothing worse than people using your pics without crediting especially if it is a photo.

I’m currently experiencing this issue. I believe it has something to do with the IP Address the photos were posted with.