Instagram deleting stories and shadowbanning people

I have gotten 3 almost 4 accounts shadow banned now. I am just posting stories that i find on explore and i have gotten 3 stories taken down by instagram for doing this. What is crazy is I see the same content that instagram removed constantly on explore. So how are these people allowed to post but not me?

Update/fix: I recently got a another story removed by instagram. I reported it was a “mistake” and it didnt shadowban my account like the others! That’s great but how can i unshadowban my other 3 accounts? now that i’ve already gone passed the screen where you can report a mistake?

Much thanks,

I would definitely log out of your account for 72 hours at least and rest it. It should be fine when you come back.

Why is it better to let it rest then continueing to post on it?

I think it’s important to lay low for a while until your ban is lifted. Then you should be able to post again.

Even if you missed the screen to report a mistake, you can just manually report a mistake on your page a couple times a day to see if that helps.