Instagram Desktop plus DM

I hope you are well!

This time I wanted to present an extension of Google Chrome that allows us to see our instagram account as if we had it on the mobile. We can see private messages and answer them from there among other amenities.

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See ya!


Thanks for the share. I know of a couple different programs that do this, but I love Chrome Extensions! :slight_smile:

thanks for this tool!

Thank you! Will definitely look into this.

thank you very much very useful

Good resource. Thanks for sharing.

thank you very much!!

Seems i am the only one who doesnt use chrome…

And I needed to thank you <3

Thanks :pray: I also recommend for DMs - IGDM (Windows) and Flume (MacBook)


I would be cautious about using a chrome extension. Try to do a little research on the creator of the extension, because I’ve had an experience in the past where my login credentials were stolen through a chrome extension. If you have MAC I would also recommend Flume. I’m using the paid version now and it’s pretty good and supports multiple accounts

Now this one is new to me. Thank you @Ariel_Blanco great share buddy :ok_hand:

Thank You for this tool​:wink::wink:

Nice !! Thank you!

You made me afraid of downloading and using the extension since you’re saying it can steal my login credentials

Damn I was waiting for this for a long time, thanks

Feels absurd that you have to install extensions to use the chat in a social media that is leader in the market in 2019.

Link broken, can you reupload?

the dms are now working on desktop normally mate

Not for every account.

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