Instagram Direct Contact


Hey Guys I need your help.

Like explained before I registered some of my accounts with the same email adress seperating them with + (,,

I assigned new emails to those accounts and verified them through those new mails.

Ran the repost tool for a few days and suddenly two off my accounts need email verification through my old email adress.

The strange part is that I don’t receive a code to my email adress. What’s even stranger is the fact that if I log in through a different ip, I first need to verify my account through my newly assigned email or phone and after I do that I need to verify it through my old email adress.

Is there a way to contact Instagram about this directly?


The topic has been discussed so many times …


Can’t contact them through “My account has been disabled”, because they’re active.

Can’t use “My account has been hacked” because it will send me a reset link to my new email and after I login I need to verify through my old email adress.

I ran several searches here on mpsocial and through google and no one had a problem like this before, so don’t say




Saw that but not quite the situation here, thank you!


Reset device id
Change proxy
Try on your own phone


Tried it and at first it looked like it was going to work but after several white screens I got the “Help Us Confirm You Own This Account” again…