Instagram Disabled business account

Hi, my account was disabled last week at 123k following, I’m not sure why possibly some old posts with music. I have been taking advice on how to recover with no luck yet but I was wondering is it easier to get it back as a personal account rather than a business one?

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@Zinny: first at all, sorry to hear that.
You are not the first one who is affected, this happened to many. Some used third-party apps that are not permitted by IG, some never used something like that and still lost their accounts.

From my point of view, I dont think that the chances to get a personal acc. back is higher than a business account. If you are having a business acc., I guess IG sees you as a customer, so basically, so the likelihood for a ban should be lower.

There is no guarantee for it, but some people tried to comment on their FB page and sometimes they got a reply.

This woman stated some weeks ago that her 1.8Mio.- account was disabled.

It is now back online. Hopefully you get yours back, too.


Thank you so much. This is great advice, I am really distraught over this as my business has gone down 94% and I am a single mother with no support and this was our sole income. I’ve never used any third party apps I think it must have been a song I had on a video but they don’t tell you. I will try anything to get it back
Thanks again

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Instagram banned this 3 days ago,yesterday they removed ban telled me “there was a mistake” today is newly banned

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@Giuseppe_Leonardi Sorry to hear that. Hope you get it back! Could you tell here what you have done after it got banend the 1st time?

@Zinny: Some people on FB have stated they didnt get a reply, so I hope you get an answer… What have you done so far, like contacting them via the app or… ?

Good luck you guys :four_leaf_clover: I keep my fingers crossed for you!

BTW, one user has recently started a petition: “Instagram needs better customer service and answer for disabled accounts” . It has not many supporters yet, but if you have 30 sec., feel free to sign it - for your own sake and the others that might get in the same situation as you:

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I just found this forum and read about emailing from your computer, I was only doing it in the app but yesterday started on the computer. I will sign that petition for sure what Instagram is doing to small business is inhumane :disappointed:

1 Like is the most shitty platform in the world. People sign petitions for nothing lol.


Do you know if she wrote on Instagrams Facebook page? That’s what I did, they haven’t deleted yet

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Oh sorry I see Instagram for business :crossed_fingers:t3:

Maybe shitty, yes :smile: And I hope you are right: that many peope are signing this petition so that IG is banning less of our business accounts we are relying on :slight_smile:

may I ask you: have you ever connected your Instagram (business) account with your (private) FB account? Some people said that this may make an account stronger, that’s why I am asking.
Still hoping you are getting soon your acc. back :four_leaf_clover: :four_leaf_clover: :four_leaf_clover: :four_leaf_clover: :four_leaf_clover:

It was linked to my business fb but not my personal, still no word but I won’t give up. Also I read that you can pay someone to put your account back up is this a rumour? I was just about to launch a product I spent a year developing and went into debt for so I’m desperate
Thanks again x

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