Instagram disabled my account

Hi! I wish someone can help me. Instagram disabled my account for “impersonating” someone but it’s a mistake, I’ve been only posting pictures of myself. I swear I’ve tried everything. I sent like 100 requests and 30 pictures with the code but I always get the automatic answer saying that I broke the norms. I used to work with my account I really don’t know what to do. It’s been a month and nothing happens :sob:

Here is a link to the post about unbanning accounts:

I have revived my accounts countless times and if you feel that you went super far in the process and hit the wall all I can advise is to wait another month and try the process again. Sometimes it’s easy and you have to work with instagram’s robot, but sometimes it goes further to the actual employee of Instagram, and as there are different people in this world it all depends on his/ her mood. I don’t want to share my methods widely on the forum, so please send me a private message what you already did and I will try to help.

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It’s highly unlikely for you to NOT get your account back, so don’t stress yourself out

Your link is does not exist anymore. :frowning:

I have this problem that I used 3 different emails (1 I used at work wifi, the other 2 at home wifi). I got their automated reply with a code. Eventually leading to the generic “It seems your account has been disabled” email. And at home I tried to use the gmail dot trick, and nothing got sent to those emails. I created new ones, I made with like +1, +2 scheme from another email I already used (ie, etc). So within the the 2nd and 3rd emails cycles ended I input in the instagram help form, the gmails and the +1,+2 emails. No automatic emails get sent to these. I so far have done that in 1 day… But automatic email with the code sends usually in 1 hour?

I dont know if I am spamming? Is it too much? Someone said I should send multiple emails, but was I sending them too fast? also why arent number code emails getting sent to my email anymore. :frowning: anyway if you have any info let me know. xx