Instagram disables my id again and again!


I got my account disabled every night, send an email in the morning, the reactivate my acc by midday and then they disable my acc again in the night. I repeated this process like 10 times, I always get my account reactivated and then disabled again after few hours.
I tried:

  • not logging into the account
  • changing the device
  • changing username

is there any action I can do to change the “account ID” or something? any other suggestion?
Updtate: Yesterday i bought a new phone and it faces the same issue :frowning:


help me someone :sob:


First Friday Blocks and now this… someone aid this gentleman!


Do you do any actions after you log in? Have you noticed any pattern in your behavior when you get back your account?


you can’t changes your account ID and i’ve enever seen something like that.


thanks man i am ready to pay upto $100 if someone fix my problem


i just do normal actions like,follow,viewing stories also ive tried to rest the account but no use…


What is the message they send u after they have reactivated ur account



after they have reactivated i log in and by 3-4 hours again they disable my account


This is almost undeniable evidence that they’re not completely in control of the recent chaos.


i see , my suggestion is chat with the customer care describe them ur issue and lets hope for the best also i have messaged you some fixes which u can try


Insta is having a lot of problems these days maybe a bug from their side since they are reactivating it


i think the same… what do i do :sob::sob::sob::sob:


Just wait. This started a week ago for 8 of my accounts - they get disabled after 1-2 days of reactivating. Also, Instagram was facing lots of issues yesterday - you can check downdetector. After that, lots of people lost their accounts. And, about 90% of my UK mobile provider IPs are flagged as open proxies now… lol. They need to fix a lot of things, it seems.


Has anyone ever gotten a reply from IG when you send report a problem on the app?


thanks man i thought i was alone , ill wait and see what happens… keep me updated :stuck_out_tongue:


How long did you rest the account?


Interesting. Does suggest it’s an unintended consequence of problems on IG’s side. I’ve had it happen to one of my test accounts. Waiting it out seems like the best option.


I had a guy call me who just got their marijuana account deleted - (was selling pipes) and I think that they are running an automated search of questionable accounts.

Anyone know how to Restore these? I saw @ciras mention writing through the help page at Instagram and having luck with it


Yeah man, bad to hear that, but they weren`t Marijuana profiles.