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Hey @andbogi

Ultimately, the reason I post these threads is not only to share information. I do not claim to be the beacon of all knowing knowledge. The discussion with the community is important to me, and I value all of your input.

When you say it’s better, in what aspects do you mean? Based on my research and my tests, posting more than once in a day usually results in the second post having less overall reach, unless trending takes place which is a possibility. This may not be the case 100% of the time, but in almost all of my tests, and just looking at the many clients I’ve managed, as well as doing outside research, posting once every two days is more beneficial. How big are the accounts you’re talking about, and what niches are they in? I’m interested to know. Perhaps these kind of factors would have been a nice addition to my thread, however the discussion which can take place between us is far more valuable if we make these comparisons among ourselves. Thanks v much for your valuable response and input.

There we go. I’ve experienced the same results as you. When distributing the likes cleverly with a drip feed they can be very beneficial. But one mustn’t forget that a fake like still counts as an impression in business insights. One must subtract the increased impressions due to the powerlikes or similar service in order to come to a legitimate conclusion. Nevertheless, I do not dispute at all that buying engagement can add value when done properly. It’s just easy to blotch the job, and I always encourage the organic, as even the slightest slip up can result in a lowered trust rating, which takes quite some time to recover. What I’ve found is that once one starts buying engagement, it’s almost utterly vital to continue permanently on every post, otherwise the subsequent difference in engagement can appear quite concerning and cause real social concern.


@ELanimal would love to hear an elaborated opinion, if you’d be open to participating in a discussion?


It’s not the fact that you criticized me that I have a problem with. It’s the manner in which you did it. Please try be a bit more respectable in your approach to responses.


Interesting. Thank you for sharing! Perhaps the provider you used had some kind of lingering mechanism and look-later mechanism in order to make it more legitimate. Would you mind sharing the provider for us so that we can do our own tests?


Thanks Jay, appreciate it. I think that there are discussions to be had and I’d love to hear more about your experiences and opinion regarding the matter.

Yes I think that anything from zooming in, to scrolling from image to caption as one would when viewing anything appealing will definitely add value and reality into the mix. :slight_smile:


Hey, thanks for taking the time to answer this in detail!

Okay, so, concerning the niche, I have tested it in 3 niches - home decor, boho style and travel. All of them showed best results in reach and followers with 2 and 3 posts per day. The reach did not fall for the second or third image in the day, but there was no pattern as well, meaning sometimes the first image would explode, sometimes the second, sometimes the third, and somedays none. However, keep in mind, all of thesehad viral potential and were highly appealing to the audience I was targeting. This might not work for personal or business accounts that publish only their own content, unless they know how to create viral posts consistently.

Concerning the powerlikes, I have to agree with you. It is something that once you go in, it is reaaaly risky to come out. While the boost in reach and growth you see from drip feed powerlikes is indisputable, the risk might not be worth it if someone doesn’t have a tactic on how to stop using them.

We can definetly continue our discussion in private if you want, so we don’t take over the entire conversation here.

Cheers bro!


That’s the reason for the most of the brands on instagram having a shitty engagement because they post twice to six times per-day which make their followers lose interest and lead to lower engagement !


The less you post the less impressions you get that’s fact no matter how good your content is.
Another fact, the more you post the more followers you get if the content is good.
The post no more than once a day is pure crap.


May i just clarify that I am not referring to overall impressions. I am referring to impressions on the second post. When I say that engagement is lowered, I mean that the second post’s engagement is not as high as the first’s in my personal experience. I do not mean that overall impressions are lower. Obviously overall impressions are higher.



It would take an incredible level of content creation, copy writing & hashtag research in order to retain interest at six posts a day. But I suppose we have true experts on this forum who are capable of such things. I don’t doubt that anything is possible with proper planning and strategy. But yes, those are my general observations.


Much work went into your forgot two MAJOR rules.

  1. Each must follow each other.
  2. They must be in the same niche else target audience is pissed away.
    How did you forget those or did I miss it reading the it?


I wasn’t by any means going to go into that level of unnecessary detail. I think that everyone knows that much already, but thank you for pointing it out… although you have reminded me that sharing the posts on a separate messaging platform can be quite useful, such as Whatsapp. I have never been able to verify whether this is true or not, but supposedly “Instagram Knows” something is up when you send your posts to the same DM group continually.


Cross platform shouts effective like on YouTube and hearing stories about tiktok. Others not so good. Most don’t follow each other in Dm groups from my experience. Also don’t share the link in Dm as it can be tracked via share ID.


It’s my pleasure.

Thanks very much for sharing this information! Given you’ve legitimately planned each post properly to go viral, your results seem legitimate and don’t surprise me. Most people however who post multiple times a day are not doing planning and are posting low quality boring content. I should have foreseen that there would be experts on the forum who had refined the formula who would object with good reasoning.

I think that it’s beneficial for the information to be publicly available. I would like everyone who reads this to benefit from the entire thread including responses, not just my original. We’ve already drawn some excellent conclusions thanks to participants. I certainly cannot think of everything and don’t intend to try.

Thanks, Albert. It’s always nice receiving your input. Could you please elaborate on this:

I don’t think I’m fully following what you’re saying.

There it is.


Nice tips bro but a question what do you mean about “unless you’re truly smart about it of course: there is always a way around” is there a trick to make engagement better and grow faster even with fake likes… ?


Hey @Xxpo99

Please see the above quote:

Please also see cautionary message:

In short, it’s possible for ‘fake’ engagement to be beneficial if you distribute it cleverly and don’t overdo it. If you have the budget, and you plan the timing of it well, it can be extremely beneficial; especially when coupled with good DM group tactics & exceptional content. But as stated above, once you’re in it’s difficult to get out.


Yep so it’s very risky but does that mean that the problem can ve caused only if you abuse on it or even if you do it sometimes (like 1 in every 2 month)


I can’t claim to know the depth of Instagram’s detection capabilities. I think it would be almost impractical to test this, as it may require the destroying of multiple account trust ratings. You’d need to start with well established accounts with good ratings, and I certainly wouldn’t want to purposefully destroy any of my accounts to try and figure out where the line is drawn. That being said, there may be someone who has already done these tests. Let’s wait and see what else transpires.


Facial recognition technology is on photos that are already taken, not secretly live through your phone’s camera (the exception to this is filters but those are simply detecting “is there a face here” and you’re fully aware that it’s happening.) The bandwidth, hardware and battery usage requirements for analysing live “micro” reactions while scrolling feeds are far too cost prohibitive for this to be happening secretly. Maybe in 20 years.

Facebook isn’t spying on you through your microphone, either. The recent scandal was about having humans review speech to text for quality analysis, which is entirely different from randomly spying on you through your mic. They don’t need to do that. They have enough contextual information about you that they don’t need to (plus it would similarly be a huge battery drain for you and drain on their resources to have that running constantly.)

Companies patent things all the time. It doesn’t mean they are using those ideas or ever will use the ideas. That’s not how business works at all.


Fair enough. I back your points. In fact, this article actually completely proves what you’re saying regarding the microphone at least. In terms of the camera, perhaps I’m being a bit far-fetched. I suppose I’m just highly cynical, especially when it comes to Facebook. I truly & honestly hold no lower opinion of many things in the world! Nonetheless, thank you for clarifying your points.