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Every time you think a corporation is doing something nefarious, you can tell by asking 1. Would it cost them a lot of money? (In this case, yes.) And 2. If so, would they get a LOT of usefulness out of it beyond the data they already have? (In this case, no.)


Provider is no longer reliable or relevant :rofl:
I’d be wary of using any panels at the moment.


Do you have any DM groups that I can Join Skincare or Beauty please


@imaginaryuser that’s a nice pattern of thought to follow. Thank you again for your insight!

Why am I not surprised? :upside_down_face:
I definitely agree with you on that which is why I was interested to know who it was! But if that’s our conclusion then that’s it.

Have you searched the forum? There may be one for you to join in a separate thread. I’m on mobile at the moment so it’s not easy for me to get links from the search for you in my responses.


Totally agree, ppl here is missing the point that every new post reaches other group of followers, only a small group, ppl that you genuine interact with, your real friends maybe, will see all your posts, and I don’t think they will unfollow, probably they will just ignore it.

More post more impressions… like any other kind of media, think about TV, Radio, etc. etc.

When we post, IG broadcast the post to a selected group of accounts, every time is different.
(Yes some accounts can see more posts, depends in other factors like how many followings they have, do they interact with you often, etc. Once the link is created between accounts they don’t count for the selection, they are just added to the system generated list.

Last note: do not forget also non-followers, more posts more chances to reach them as well.


This is absolutely correct. I’m still however convinced that on average, and generally speaking (unless you’re doing incredible amounts of planning and you’re a content and copy writing genius), most people’s second post within a 24 hour period will have lower reach. The third post will have even lower reach, etc.

However; if you put in the time and are in fact a content & copy writing genius, then you definitely can trend with second and third posts etc. as you have pointed out.

Absolutely. To be clear, I never disputed that. I was referring specifically to the second post having less reach. It is obvious that the overall impressions will be higher of both posts combined. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, if your content is excellent and appealing, and isn’t boring and repetetive they are likely to gain an interest in you, no matter how many posts you make.

@IGsocialize Thanks Gracias


Great, really thorough post @embraceone

I just want to add my own experience here because I’m sure all of what you say is true BUT I have still had success with the use of DM groups without going the extra mile in terms of getting view time, saves etc etc. Just using basic like and comment DM groups (with fairly powerful, very relevant accounts).

I have used DM groups for some time on a number of accounts, in different niches and I would draw the following primary conclusion:

Viral content + relevant DM group engagement = lots of reach from explore and lots of new followers

When I posted viral video content on a relatively viral niche AND had a fairly good set of relevant DM groups running on that account the reach from explore could increase massively and a single post could result in fairly large numbers of followers.

I tested that by developing DM group relationships in the niche with a relatively small account, then once the DM groups were fairly well established adding in a bigger account that was struggling for reach and growth. The larger account had around 110k followers at the time, but would only get up to around 800 to 1,200 likes per post, even with the ‘best’ viral video content for it’s niche.

Once that account was added to the DM groups the lift in reach was almost immediate and at it’s peak it had posts that would get many tens of thousands of likes. Posts getting up to say 50,000 likes or more would also directly result in several 100s of new followers. It didn’t happen every post, but it did regularly happen.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t quick or easy to build the DM groups - and they were high quality, with multiple accounts much larger than mine with good engagement and very well related to the niche, but it is still doable.

The point is that the high quality DM group engagement is the catalyst that gives the post a kick, then, if the content is good enough, IG will help you out by putting it in front of relevant people and the post can snowball.

Referring back to this thread. I only really tested / observed the results of one of embraceone’s more advanced ideas and that was their point about ‘Start Conversations on a Post’. I can confirm that that is indeed very powerful. That would occasionally happen naturally once a post had taken hold and it would make the post run and run and continue to get engagement way after a ‘normal’ post would have ground to a halt.

I am interested in results people have we with the other advanced ideas suggested in the thread as I suspect they will work well, I just haven’t tested them myself - I hope to get the chance to.

So, thanks again @embraceone for the tips - I think there’s some gold in there!