Instagram do not send the link to reset password. What can I do?

When I try to log into the account I get this.

If I look on Instagram my account is there, so it is not disabled. The problem is that I cannot change the password because I get no link to reset it.
When I go to “forgot my password” and I insert the account email there, I get this message from Instagram.
“Sorry, we can’t send you a link to reset your password. Please contact Instagram for help.”
What can I do to make it work?

I got this too today, I did get link to reset it, after I got the new password, I still get the “Help us confirm you own this account” Tried to solve this for 2-3h without luck…

The answer is in another topic Impossible Instagram Verification Loop

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you solved my problem, thanks big time!

No problem. Happy to help

When I click secure account after pass change, it goes back to the get help page.

Edit: Closed browser and reopened incognito and worked!

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Just follow the same link from a clean browser, or clear your cookies)


I tried incognito, but I’m still stuck. It goes back to the get help page after I click secure your account here.

I’m using home IP. Only one of my accounts has this verification issue.

Try resting the account for a day or two and then try again. Maybe there is something suspicious in your account that caused that kind of verification…

you should try with Opera, for me it worked as it has a build in VPN…

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I forgot my instagram password.I m not receiving password reset link in my yahoo email.I had used my correct email and i still couldn’t find any link even in my spam folder. do you know how to fix this problem?

Have you checked all the folders in the mail? The spam folder? Try logging in to your account using a VPN service from another country, and try sending a link to restore your password

yeah i tried all of this things and yet it didn’t worked.what am i suppose to do? please help me to solve this problem☹️

How long has it been since it did not work? Maybe you need to rest the account first for 1 - 2 days before you try again.

Try resetting the password from a different device, see if you will receive the password reset URL. If you sill don’t receive it, stop requesting for password reset for a few days, then try again.

didn’t worked:(

that’s weird. can you enter the yahoo email instead of the account username when you’re requesting for a password reset URL? maybe the yahoo email linked to that account isn’t correct.

It dint actually work too
Though my email was correct
But it’s alright
In case u have any alternative plans please do inform me

I have problem.
The 6 digit code that I receive doesn’t work
And support team don’t reply in my request.
I have verified account with blue badge