Instagram doesn’t let me login

I’m really sorry if I’m not writing in the correct place but I’m new here and I’m looking for help.

2 months ago I lost one of my accounts.This was a ghost account I used just to see my friends stories.I wasn’t following anyone and no one was following me.I didn’t use to like post etc…

One day I was scrolling down my feed and a page from Instagram popped up asking for my phone verification ( I don’t remember if they said my account was disabled or If they detected something suspicious cause I was panicked and I closed that page).Then the app said the feed couldn’t be refreshed and logged me out.

Now whenever I try to login it says my password is wrong and if I try to recover it says no user found.The username is not available for a new user…Do you guys think I’ve been deleted ?

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My instagram account was hacked. Account is locked.
They changed my mail so I can’t unlock my account with mail.
no reply from help center

Did they change the username?

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No. username, name and surname they didn’t change

Do you have the original email?

I have original mail. but when I try to recover account, they send recovery link to the hackers mail. I think they use php mail. (Email: l*******7@1**.com)
My original mail is

You should have an email from when they changed the email. have a look for it, You should be able to say you were hacked from that

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If you search your profile with your username can you find it?

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I didn’t get any message on that day. all clear

yes bro. I can find and from second account

Is there any way to check my register mail adress for making sure that I remember correct mail?

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My situation is different because the account was taken down and I can’t find it anymore.The strange thing is that If someone changed the username then when logging in with the previous one it should say that there is no account with that name.It only says the password is wrong.In addition if someone changed the username I should be able to use it for a new account after 14 days…wha do you guys think?

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search “instagram” in inbox and check for messages

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wow there is no message

Same here I didn’t receive anything

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Sounds like its deleted

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My wish.I don’t care about the account but I’m scared about hacking.But everything let me think they deleted it

I don’t know if this can help but the day before I was trying to sign up for a new account (real) for my business.Just 1 sec after pressing sign up seems like the account got deleted.I had the same issue,incorrect password etc

I have important information in messages about work.