Instagram doesn’t let me reach new followers, & have been losing followers

My Instagram has been consistently growing for a while, where I had been gaining a good number a followers daily (almost 1k a day) and many of my posts would go “viral”. For the past like 2 weeks I have been losing around 100 followers a day, and my posts only reach my current audience - nobody new. I have reason to believe this is because one of my posts was reported about 2 weeks ago, even though I didn’t actually do anything wrong. Can anybody help me on how to get my Instagram back on track? (I have contacted Instagram numerous times, but nothing…)

Have patience, remove the post which was reported. Stop posting with hashtags, try to post with 5-10 hashtags after 3-4 days, (promote your posts on IG ads if you can) good luck.


Thanks! The post was deleted by Instagram when it was reported.
I’ll try to go a few days without hashtags and see if that helps, but I’m not certain it will

Here are the statistics. It started to decline right after my post was reported, so there is a direct correlation; but how do I fix this now?!

Hey man! Go through the forum and read Old threads rated to your issue. You have just joined forum and want all answers on the start :man_shrugging:t2:

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I wrote a pretty in-depth guide on how I got through my shadowban and managed to raise my “trust score” or whatever you wanna call it. It’s on level 1, check it out.

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If you actually own the copyright to the post, it can be reversed by contacting Instagram. If not, you might need to live with the penalty until it wears out.


you don’t, you wait until it lifts. nothing else ya can do. Your lucky you did not get disabled.


It’s starting to get better now slightly, after trying various different things. Thanks everyone!

It Always takes time, give it time. Patience has power.