Instagram doesn't send SMS (PV issues)

Hello, guys!

Today I got a few accounts on PV (as usual) and couldn’t pass through that.
I tried all PV-services that I used before without any issues, but any of them did not work.
After that I decided to try to verify the same accounts with real SIM cards that I have for such situations and it neither worked.

I’ve got such situations a few times in May, 2019 but there was some kind of problem on Instagram’s side and everything worked in a few hours. So the solution was just to wait.
At this time it is much longer, but I still believe that I need to wait.

I asked a few guys who do Instagram Marketing and they confirmed that they have the same issue today.

So my questions are:

  1. Do you guys have such issues last 10-12 hours?
  2. What do you think about this in general? Is that a problem on Instagram’s side, either they test some kind of new protection?

I’ve only ever had 1 PV in over a year and that was because I created the account in one country, then set up automation to repost from another country on a proxy AND THEN i flew to another country on top of that and used the account there too whilst automating from country #2

To answer your question, I would suggest waiting 48 hours - I am sure this will solve the issue. It does when I have an EV loop with clients.

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Actually, I think so too. Just decided to hear thoughts of the community members regarding this.
Thank you so much for the feedback!

Will update once the issue solved.

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No problem at all :wink:

sounds stupid but is did you check first to see if the account isnt disabled first?

I heard switching sims does the trick.

Yes, sure. I’m talking about valid accounts.

Sorry, but what do you mean?

UPDATE: Actually, I’ve had three friends of my having same issues today during a few hours, but at the same time we’ve started recieving SMS’s from IG.
So atm everything is fine (if we can say so, fighting with IG) :slight_smile:

Question is still open: What do you think, guys? What’s that - a glitch either they test something new against these PVs we do?

I had that issue for one account. I had too many accounts attached to my number so I removed my number from a few accounts and then waited about a day and finally the code was sent for that first account.

How many accounts do you usually attach to 1 number, stable working?

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Try to swap the number - It always works for me.

Some numbers never work, don’t know why. Even if i try to send the code “5” times. Then I switch to an other number --> Instant SMS.