Instagram dont care about hate accounts

Last day i saw an instagram profile with about 500 followers, in its bio was “I f.cking hate all the feminists and f*ck them all; kill all the LGBTs with 50 ton concrete mixer”… And when i explore his profile i saw that he was making fun of the women killed in Turkey, still spreading hatred towards women and lgbt community.

I reported him with several different profiles but his account didnt go down. Actually instagram was responding to reports automatically saying “we didnt find this profile abusing our rules”.

So as far as i know hate accounts are strictly aganist instagrams policy. How come they allow such bullshit and dont care about it?

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I’ve had this happen with things I’ve reported too, that should most definitely be banned, yet meanwhile you post something relatively harmless and get banned.

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They probably haven’t taken your report too much serious. I assume you’ll have to report it multiple times or with multiple accounts. Maybe that will make the job done.

Hard to say. Its quite possible you ran into an automated (algorithmic determined) response to the report. Hard to know what specifically draws a manual review in that case. That’ll probably get the account disabled or deleted

That’s really bad from their side… They will disable accounts easily in other cases, I’m wondering why they don’t pay more attention to hate accounts.

as Jaha said maybe you need to report that multiple times.

Maybe this one is the issue, it seems like abuse to report someone multiple times (with his own accounts) and then they don’t take it seriously.

I have had all my reports taken care of correctly, I remember once they needed 5 months to delete the profile tho…

you mean to report something just once?