Instagram dont send code to mail

I have a Temporary Lock account.
I try to send Code to Mail (it is not GMAIL but local service) but it not sending any mail (no mails like 4 months ago).

Can’t seems to “get more help” or anything like that.
They send me the password reset link - but it did not removed the TL.

It is a real account that have Ads and real images.

Willing to pay 70$ for help.

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I’m asuming you have tried the password reset from a phone on the ig app?

Have you tried switching ips? Different service provider? Different browser agent?
Is the accounts original country Different to the ip you are currently using?

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Try using a whole new device with new IP it helps in some cases.


if the account is connected to an FB account try this, login to the FB account related to that account then add a phone number to that account and re-login to IG and check if they will give you the phone verification option or not.

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diff diff tried all.
same country. real phone ip 4g.

We heard that but not sure since it is connected to fb page so no phone on it.

there is no way to add a phone number there? FB?

Well in FB page no. the FB private profile has the phone nu,ber it is connected to the private IG while the business is connected to the page (I THINK LOL)

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This issue appears from time to time. You just have to wait until it is over.
OR you may try to access the FB chat support.

yeah, unfortunately that is a good way that worked for few users, you can do what tony suggested above and see how it goes.

Sir plzzz help me​:pray::pray: sir Instagram account temporary locked but e-mail code not number code send why? Plzzz sir help me :pray:plzzz

You have probably requested for a verification code too many times, stop asking for a new code for 2 days, then try again.

I’ve experienced this issue several times and anecdotally speaking, I’ve pretty much never been able to access the accounts again despite trying all what’s been said above. The emails simply never arrive and I end up having to ditch the accounts altogether. I still suggest you try what others above have said seeing as how this account is a lot more valuable than the ones I’ve lost but I wouldn’t get your hopes up.

afrer 2 weeks - code arrived lol