Instagram don't show profiles on search - only when searching full username

While I have a very strong profile (I have few) they don’t show the profile on search until I type all the chars in it.

I saw it since This Friday - for many many profiles, some are using bots, some are not.

I think it is a bug, might be fixes.


This one is fine, but other profiles won’t show until I search for full username. some high engagement profiles.

I don’t think it’s a bug, I think that there are too many similar profiles with the same user name hence you need to type 80-90% of the name in the search bar.

Try checking it on another device. I can find your account by typing only the first 5 characters. Do you experience sudden drop in your engagement?

this was an IG bug …

Its not a bug. If there are lots of username like u have and they have much more popularity then you. So u have to type more letters to find your account on search

was a bug - it was the 2 most interacted accounts.