Instagram down Again

The second time IG was down

How do you think it will effect them or not coz it’s the 2nd time within a month

when did this happend because m using my Insta from yesterday continuously and I didn’t feel an error or something

Naah that won’t affect them at all, memes are memes, IG is an empire, yeah it will cause some stress but they will fix whatever causes that issue.

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Nobody can get even close to IG atm so yeah, they will stay as a No1 for a looong time :smiley:

right now IG on top of every social platform no one can match and updating time to time with new featuresand also taking care of what people needs right now on their platform. Issues occurs with other also, they will fix this


Wow the difference looks incredible when shown with that diagram.

Holy moly. Where’s this from?

Has Twitter ever been down? :slight_smile: whenever IG, FB, Google services, youtube are down, people flood Twitter and make it trending.

Yes, the difference is huuge and yes I think Twitter has been down few times but not recently

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Nice graph…:heart_eyes: @rose