Instagram Dropshipping

I am interested in dropshipping and have been researching about the topic. Out of curiosity has anyone here created a dropshipping a store where the only main source of traffic is IG accounts, if so please let me know how your venture went, thanks!


Instagram is an social media marketing strategy for your dropshipping business. Here you can Post photos and videos on Instagram? Did you ever think that it can be used as a perfect marketing strategy for your dropshipping business? Instagram Dropshipping as a marketing strategy for enhancing your sales and profits to make successful business.

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Not really what I was looking for but thanks for your input anyway

I’m in the process setting up dropshipping operation that mainly will focus on IG as a source of traffic.
I use 1 main account and warming up 100 “child” accounts that will promote the same products just by redirecting to main by photo captions and DMs.
I have previuosly been in CPA (400 accounts) and ecommerce business and I can’t see why this wouldn’t work if you have a good content. I think dropshipping + IG is perfect if you want to test things out before diving deeper - whitelabeling, bulk ordering and using order fullfillment companies.
Have you done anything to move things forward?

I have found a niche that I will think work great with IG rather than the slave method you speak of this is my idra.

  • Main Biz IG

Then a few ones that relate to it lets suppose your in the dog niche

Dog main ig

Then dog quotes
Dog pics
Dog transformations

^ All directing to either man biz page or site

Either way great thing is with dropshipping + instagram costs are low I can afford to experiment right now but personally I believe it sill work

Those would still be kind of slave accounts as they would be promoting your main :slight_smile: But as long as you can find a good product-audience fit and post a great content - that should work.

Other things to consider. You need a registered company and preferably in the US to get the best payment processors. There are other options like but you need registered company anyway.
Payment processing companies sees dropshipping business as a high risk due to higher refund rates and it is common that they deny dropshippers so you need to have a good website and be open to customers that shipping will take 2-4 weeks. Just find and copy established dropshippers website that already works to have better chance of being approved.