😲 Instagram Drug Dealer ⚠


lol young doggys, will fall
all those youngstas trying to sell drugs online will fail in the long run for sure.
drugs belong to the streets and personal connections, not online
it only matter of time until they will sell to some undercover piggys online
lets say i didnt work for a payment check for 5 years stright
me and my business partners never ever doing this kind of business stuff online,
and we knew few
we give them a warning andtold them to quit it asap, they didnt listen, few weeks later
this prankstas got arrested by a undercover piggys, true story
i promise you this kids are allready in jail.


Police is not sleeping, everyone selling drugs on s larnge scale online will get busted sooner or later, just look at the dude who got lifesentence , because your always leaving a trace.
where you get the leads doesn’t really matter, as soon as the amount your moving is interesting for authorities, they will trace you, and let you continue for a while, and get you a longer sentence than the thug on the corner, just because your leaving every footprint online, no matter what security you use.
in a dealers perspective its waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay safer to sell offline…
its easier to get leads online, and easier to get caught, so do the math.

all these kids wanting to sell weed, they should move to Barcelona or the Netherlands, and set up a legal biz.


my friend do it but now he stop :slight_smile: , not worth it to doing crime !


yes I agree if they want to catch you they will.

But will they catch you if you are selling drugs on a small scale…?


yes , the government is the major player on the drug game, they love small time fish, because catching them, and highlighting it in the media channels controlled by them, makes the country and authorities look like they are doing something against it, while they are actually running the game. Escobar’s son said it, and many ex cops do.
sentences between small time fish and big fish do exist, but if you have a record you have a record, and jail is jail, whether your in 20 years or 2,…
So much legal stuff out there, and so many legal hard drugs, siggarettes, alcohol,
I would focus on selling those online, if your goal is to sell drugs


some geolocation apps are used to promote escort services nearby. I won’t be surprised it’s used for drugs too