😲 Instagram Drug Dealer ⚠

I came across this video on youtube a few days ago, it’s about people mainly “Kids” who promote there drug dealing services through Instagram.

All of the kids tend to use the same strategy, keep Instagram on private, once someone follows you don’t use Instagram as the place to arrange the sale, request them to use another APP like snap- chat.

I feel like these kids will get away with dealing as the police cant be bothered building a case against them and even if they did the charge for a teenager with some marijuana is not really that bad.

Just thought this would be an interesting share, what do you guys think?


Smart but very risky…

I bet they aren’t shadowbanned


I agree there is a risk… What do you think the risks are?

imagine if they scaled with some sort of automation software they would be the next El Chapo in no time :wink:

OP i actually do this when i find some high class escorts. I add there number then I can see there snapchat handle & verify.

IMO pigs are too lazy to do all that.


Don’t you find it funny how those guys with english accent needs subtitles :smile:
Actually when i used snapchat i noticed one guy i know who has been living in london spamming all this shit with weed and pills , but i never understood what all that crap means , i remember his most often message was “who’s needing” or something like that , well it seems like you just can’t deny it any more, internet has taken over everything.

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They’re using slow settings :slight_smile:

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21:46 that freestyle , he doesnt even need a beat )))

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I read/saw that article/YT and on several sites also @YungBuck. Apparently people are also using SnapChat to sell drugs. Frankly, I’m not surprised. The on-line drug dealing thing is not new. It’s been happening on Twitter and FB for years! There were a few articles on-line a few years ago that claimed that major arms deals were also taking place on IG and SnapChat. Go figure.

Why they send the traffick to snapchat?
Why not just via IG?

Apparently, there is less of a “digital trail” and “digital fingerprint” on Snapchat.

I’m ONLY interested in marketing and promoting MY own personal business and my own personal practice. :grin:

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I can already see those black kids installing Tor, It’s kind of ridiculous how most of people using deepweb are just watching some porn, or talking nonsenses with each other on ru chans, yet they are behind seven proxies and using public wifi , and these idiots just use their phones!
We should take over this business @MPrules
promote via IG > secure chats > delivery with drones > profit :thinking:

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:english accent: oy mate u init? :english accent:

They think that the chats logs are not being recorded they are wrong, however it does make it longer for the police as-well… It’s better of to send the traffic to a place like Wikr


Decent system but drones in many areas will cause problems, I have a better idea.

IG -> Encrypted Chat -> Crypto Payment -> Call your worker to deliver

So from the police perspective if they every catch the person making a delivery they won’t have enough drugs on them to charge them for “intent to supply” they also won’t have the phone number or anything to link the drug transaction, as the person only got a phone call with the details.

The IG accounts will all be behind proxies etc etc.

With a system like the one above or a similar one you could even do cash on delivery.

All for education purposes, do not break the law


I think this thread should be moved to level 51…


I buy my weed on facebook :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I wonder how many people are using the abundance of cryptos available to deliver and clean money. I used to work in a hedge fund and they would consistently hound us with anti-money laundering courses from like 1990 that had no mention of cryptos or current tech. For those who go the extra mile and follow through the world is wide open :sunglasses:

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To be honest I’m curious as to how much money is scammed from people trying to buy drugs online from Instagram :joy: