Instagram Ecommerce Conversions Benchmarks?

I’m building an IG account for my ecommerce product business. I was wondering what are good benchmarks for account followers : clicks to your website (via profile bio or otherwise)?

When you say you build it for your ecom , you mean posting product pictures on it ?

Yup, mainly yes. Manicured product shots and product in action shots.

If that is the case, then you should answer customer query directly on IG instead of your website

Build an account that people will engage with , and promote your products there . No one will engage with products right away if they do not have a history with you .


Agreed. Always smart to establish rapport first before asking people to pull out their wallets. Be sure to hone in super specific on your target customer.


Definitely agree on building relationships first. But do people know in general how many clicks to websites per follower I can expect? I heard 1% is a benchmark.

Please . Who gives a shit about clicks . It is all about the amount of sales . This should be your ONLY benchmark . The more targeted your traffic is the less clicks you will get but more sales . I hope you understand why the clicks metric is really flawed .


Knowledge. I’d rather have 4/5 clicks be converted to a sale than 4/50.

Oh yeah, of course it is the sales in the end that matter. I was just wondering about the benchmarks for each stage of the funnel – specifically from Instagram > Website.