Instagram Email Extraction

Hey everyone,

I have a tool which I’ve built that uses the unofficial API to get e-mail addresses of Instagram Business Accounts. The API stopped working and I can no longer get emails…I assume Instagram pushed an update. When I try to retrieve the email of an account, I get an error “incorrect user-agent”. Here’s an example of a pull -

I spoke with a python developer who scrapes data from Instagram about this to determine if there’s a way he can scrape it instead of using the API, and he told me, there used to be a few mths back, until Instagram stopped displaying emails of Instagram accounts via desktop/http (which is his method of scraping). You can only view the email address of an accoun\t through the app. He can’t find any method of scraping the emails via the mobile app.

I was wondering if anyone has any ideas or suggestions on how I can scrape or use the API to gather e-mails? Looking for some help from the pros around here.

Thanks much