Instagram email verification

Hi guys, quick questions :slight_smile:

With all the changes in Instagram, yesterday they reset my access from the program I use. I reconnected my account today, and Instagram told me that there was an attempt of suspicious login, from Los Angeles (I don´t live in US), and asked to verify.

They sent a code to my email (is that a form of PV?)
I verified that it was me, and then verified with the double factor authentication. But now I am worried they see suspicious I have different locations logins and ban my account.

Are the accounts in danger with these new changes in Instagram about the logins? I have seen in the people that unfollowed me, that some of them appear “Deleted”. So, is Instagram deleting accounts with the new changes in the API about the access of third parties?

Thanks in advance for your wisdom :slight_smile:

Its a EV. Not Phone.

Different locations are not a problem, bad proxies are one.

No, still the same.



Thanks a lot! that was useful. I hope proxies are not an issue in the service I use, as I have never had a problem. But yes, totally something to look at it now.