Instagram emails-big database


I am looking for someone that knows how to combine hundreds of excel files and put them in one big database. I currently own over 40 million IG bio emails in different excel sheets. This database would have to include not only the emails, but all other information about each person.

Thank you in advance.

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How the data is separated? Its csv?

I could help you, send me DM

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ChatGPT might be able to help. I’ve been using it for creating formulas for Google sheets, so maybe it can work for databases too

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Hey, appreciate the fast reply. Will have a look thanks

Unfortunately it doesn’t work for some reason

How many worksheets of those you have?

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But what doesnt work? I didnt even mention any suggestions.

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To send you a message

I can do it , sounds easy

Shoot me a DM

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You could try something like Delimit software. Really easy to join lots of CSV files together in a specific way.

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Well, its going to be hard you will need a SQL database or something of that sort. If you want to keep all the details. It’s going to be hundreds of millions of info. Do you intend
to keep also the usernames without emails?

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I have around 100+ files , each file contains 400k-800k emails

Hey, please send me a message, as im new, its not allowing me, or maybe i dont know how to do so.

Hello, thank you. Will have a look :slight_smile:

My objective is to also keep all the usernames and all the relevant information about each contact.

Yeah i suggest you hiring some database management guy, because its going to be really heavy. Maybe build a database using some cloud service with oracle or amazon. But you need a expert, i hired someone on upwork. So you can find it overthere!

What do you with the emails by the way and do you have still the raw categories from the ig scrape results?

I received quite a few personal messages, so i will try my best to clarify what i need. So my goal is to sell all my data. Having all these files will make it confusing for the potential buyer. Therefore, i would like to put it all inside of a big database, where it would be possible to export categories. Im scraping over 400k emails a day, which makes it even more urgent to build a database asap. So if anyone would know of someone or has a solid solution for me, please let me know as this is urgent.

how can i get this database for marketing