Instagram engagement after account reactivation

So I got plenty of accounts disabled but in a couple of days I reactivated all of them. Now the downside the engagement drop by 50%, you can definetely see that IG does not show the posts to my followers as it used before, so I am asking to who experienced in the past this process…how he recover this loss in engagement ? Should I change the proxy with a new one or do you have any effective idea ?

are your recovered accs blackhat like freefllowers, coins etc ?

I recovered some accounts recently and the engagement wasn’t affected.I did recover them withing 24h after beeing baned,maybe if you had them sitting for few months it can have an effect.

they are aged +1 year, but i recover as soon as they were blocked

those are mine accs

Try to run the like tool for a week or 2 before publishing a post and see how it goes. Hope you report back here.