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Has anyone seen this reddit post:

Do you agree? Disagree? What’s your engagement like today?

Personally mine is up, even after a week long block and a probable shadowban/reach limit. But then again ive been putting out much better content than before for the past few months so maybe it was inevitable…

I feel like some do really well off it and some tank, depending on their build up before lockdown + more people online

That’s awesome! Can I ask your account size? Any my engagement rate has remained the same even during this time

I have 5k atm but was 3k at the start of the year so doing well, aswell as my skill set has got a lot better also. :slight_smile: congrats on good engagement!

Another question, on a repost page can i just download from a relevant acc and re-upload? do you know if you have to change anything due to instagram algorithm knowing that its not original?


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No, it doesn’t affect it at all, just say credit to @personwhoposted and you’ll be fine. I’ve seen people’s accounts get taken down for not doing that. It’s not against the rules to repost trending content, otherwise, everyone would be getting suspended. If you’re reposting I would use a different set of hashtags than the original post because it will raise your chances of getting ranked but if they’re super niche specific it’s fine to use a few from the original post. Also ALWAYS put your hashtags as the first comment people say it doesn’t matter and trust me after 3 years of owning a social media agency it DEFINITELY does. Always make a story saying to like your most recent post with text under saying something along the lines of “Like + Comment on my recent post for a chance to win a shoutout on my next post!” then send the story to everyone possible. Sounds dumb asf, is dumb asf, but works and always will. Message me on IG if you’ve got anymore questions @MarqueCreators

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thank you for such a great reply.

Followed on insta & will hit you up if i need assistance

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