Instagram Error Page Showing

Hi, Those automating using EB. Sometimes when pages are loading it shows Error Page.


This is not permanent but sometimes page would load but will be back showing Error Page.

Anyone experiencing this?


Hey, I’m new. What’s EB?

Embeded browser

That’s right, I remember now. Thanks
Haven’t had that error sorry.

That’s not really an error page but rather you’re doing too many things at a time and the Instagram servers are blocking your requests/locking you out.


I will have to check. How many actions are you doing per hour? Are you liking too?

my scraping bot got that a lot in the past week. It’s not even performing any actions, just opening profile pages.

I have been getting this on the profile page so I can’t manually log out… Is this temporary and if so, how long does it usually last?

I figured out you need to just lessen actions using EB. Im not liking… Just follow unfollow


They introduced some new limits at the end of the week :sunglasses:

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Pleased I saw that before hitting a big scrape lol

Even happening with follow and unfollow only. Is it the delay between actions then in this case?

Your encountering it as well now? I think it’s changing pages very fast