Instagram & fb ads courses for 2020


Hello everyone,

I noticed the name of this section- it says “Instagram Marketing” while all we’re talking about is IG automation :sweat_smile:
I would really like to learn how to effectively use IG ads for my business and other whitehat methods. I had really bad results with them before, burned a lot of $$, but I decided to give them another try.
While I know what to do now with automation, I don’t want the “June 2019’s” happen again in the future and would like to plan my business for years to come, as it’s based on product quality, second to none customer support and I receive great feedback in 99.5% so I have solid foundation.
What would you recommend?
Thanks in advance!


Search udemy you will find many ig course for cheap, IMO better than many ebook in BHW


Following this one. Did some Udemy courses, but still not professional - useful enough in my opinion. Thank you for asking Pierre!


The best way is still trial and error brother. Practice makes perfect!