Instagram/FB Phone Number Scraper in 2021

Hey just wondering if there is an IG/FB cell phone number scraper working in 2021?

If there is, could anyone help me out with a little tutorial on how to set it up? I have experience with Jarvee in the past.

I have a huge DB of Instagram phones scraped from 2019 until now. If you are interested I can sell you the data and save you the whole process of acquiring it (and trust me it’s a tough and expensive process).

If not, you can do it with Jarvee but it’s very slow and unstable these days. I don’t know how much data you need but if you want to sell online I am assuming you would need millions of rows. For that, you would need a lot of profiles, a lot of (reliable) proxies, and a lot of troubleshooting so you can find a solution that works and scale afterward.

Feel free to write to me in private if you need anything. If you want to go ahead and do your own setup reply here and I will respond so other people can see it.

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Yes, Jarvee’s working well for scraping phone numbers. You can use the Scrape tools:

Note that when using Jarvee to scrape phone numbers and emails, it’s only possible for accounts that have the email/phone number displayed on their profile.

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Unfortunately there are not many and the bot will need long time to find a list…

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Continuing what Jessi said, these accounts need to be professional. So you may want to be extremely cautious about what sources (hashtags,geolocation,accounts) you pick to scrape the users.

For example, scraping #etsysmallbusiness will get you better results than scraping #newyork (Obviously, duh!)