Instagram Follower Approving Bot or Service for private account

Hi i am looking for a bot or service that can approve instagram follow requests. I have multiple accounts with over 100k follow requests and i dont know what to do. Please comment if you have any solutions that you.

I dont have a private account, please try to check under PRIVACY and SECURITY > ACCOUNT DATA > view account data.

If you see some list like follow request or pending request…you can handle by Jarvee.

the account doesnt have a list of pending follow requests under the data section :frowning:

doesn’t making your account public approve all the requests? It used to back in the day, not sure if still true.

The Follow Requests can be seen in the Accounts Activity section. Jarvee can approve these follower requests on your behalf. You can sign up for the free trial via JARVEE - Social Media Posting and Automation, so you can check and test the available features.



I highly suggest this software. They got lots of great features.

You can use Jarvee to accept follow requests. Along with many, many other features they support.

it does but i have over 100k follow requests and after you get over 20k i dont think it works. I’ve tried none of the followers get approved and when you go private again all the follow requests come back.

Hi yes i would love to use jarvee but its a large client account and very scared of getting it banned. I know how strict instagram is on bots now. My friend singed into some unfollow bot on his personal account and they deleted his whole account for just that.

If you are scared to use Jarvee, any other bot will fall into the same category with the same concerns.
That leaves only manual labor :slight_smile:

custom automation would’nt be that difficult. Also i think jarvee should be capable of doing so. For example:

to get all the requests

after that you are iterating through each user of the list:

that’s it. And thats without the data section.