Instagram Follower Growth Suddenly slows

Hi all

I have been using follow and unfollow method. It had been growing consistently with 100+ followers a day. In about month, the growth suddenly stops. I am still getting followers; however, the number of unfollow increased to almost 100 people a day.

I have identified the account that previously followed me then unfollowed. I couldn’t find out why. Do you have an insight?

Also, mother child method doesnt work for me. I did not see any increase in growth.

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what are your daily follow / unfollow actions?
And were these sources aged already?

do you mean accounts followed you then unfollowed you as well? I dont understand you question there.

And for your m/c method: how long did you run it for and with how many children?


How many actions do you perform each day?
I also seemed to have that problem and also never ending PV loop.
The way I solved it was to just take the accounts out of Jarvee for 3 days to rest, start with 50F/UF a day and slowly build up till 500 F/UF daily.
Then only start posting again.
That got me out of the PV loop and also increased my followbacks again

I am doing about 1000 follows and 1200 unfollows. 700 likes.

Thanks. Maybe I’ll rest my account as well because it has not increase in one week.

I’m doing abiut 1000/1200 follow and unfollow respective.
I dont think these sources outdated as my child account was using the exactly same sources with lower actions. Child seemed to get more follower gains.
I scraped my followers at one time stamp. I scrapped my followers again later to see who unfollowed me. These account seem normal, not a bot account. They could be using the same follow unfollow method. I would get 50 unfollows night.
5 child account with one week. Perhaps I need to wait longer to see results?

Question is what is your source and filter for F/UN.
How do you use your child accounts? In what way they promote your mother page?
An important aspect of child accounts is a source because if your child do F/UN with the same people, why should they follow, they are already following. So you could be wasting time on them.

Decrease to about 400-500 Follows/Unfollow a day to prevent a ban.

Use other sources, which are similar to your content niche
Bonus: Try to find accounts with 50k-150k Followers as a source.

Create more accounts and wait a longer time period to judge if something is working or not