Instagram followers' boost

I am running a strategy to boost followers for our brand’s instagram account via GIVEAWAY.
Our post got some attention, but when we got the help of some influencers. Nothing changed, even no followers gained yet.
How can I improve it. Thank you!


I’m not a big fan of giveaways. It’s a good way to pick up innactive followers that will unfollow after the giveaway is over. PM me your account name and I’ll see if I have any suggestions.


did you see an influx of profile views?

Did the influencers mention your account properly?

Did they run previous promotions for others? or are you the first one with them?


1.- Have you done a proper analysis of the influencers profiles?
2.- Was the giveaway “interesting enough”? Too many giveaways are running nowadays, you will need a little bit of creativity to catch the attention as well as a prize that “makes sense” to the audience you are targeting.

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