Instagram followers / bots


Which site do you use to buy Instagrma followers?
I am interested in site that allows paypal and has good followers in terms of not unfollowing fast.

PLease assist. I used stormlikes but every second order they do not deliver and now they do not accept paypal for more than 1000 followers packages, so you can not complain if you dont get followers. Before you could just complain to PAyPal and you get your money back. With credit cards that is way way more harder, almost impossible.

Even if they accept paypal, if you request payback for lack of service, most panels will bann you.

Truely all of those I know are shitty now. Their services are lacking. Be careful and don’t waste your money.

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This the end of your Instagram if you purchased followers

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rethink your decision, absolute dogsh*t decision

you will lose them faster than you get em