Instagram Followers, Likes & Comments [Chrome Extension] ⭐

Our extension it was just published in the Chrome web store and we are looking for beta testers to try it.

Some words about what plugin can do at this moment:

  • auto like
  • auto follow
  • auto comment

For now we only have Instagram but soon we will integrate Twitter, YouTube, Facebook etc.

We do not request IG password…extension is running only if you are already logged on, you can disable anytime, any auto task.

Extension is running in background, and you don’t need to babysitting.

Having this installed you only like,follow or comment other users posts/profile who use this extension and in exchange you get coins.

These coins can be used after that to receive back, likes / followers or comments.

Extension is connected to external dashboard where you can see more detailed stats.

Website :
Chrome web store : https://chrome.googl…bilkkkjfianlcm

We are waiting for your feedback ###​


Im testing it, nice design…

ps. you webpage link is broken (with the www.)

Thank you for telling us

I have a few accounts to try your dev, let’s see :wink:

Did not like the way it’s works…

Your site save instagram username + email + data + total number of action and what not…

If you want to implement coins and such a thing and want to attract more noob guys then feel free to do that, but take inspiration from gramblr.

Why? Please describe more detail. We take constructive criticism, and since we are in beta yet, it is very likely that part of the functionality will be changed in accordance with the wishes of users.

True, but this is made in accordance with our Privacy Policy also as in accordance with the legal framework, such as GDPR. We collect statistics, but depersonifies it, and of course we reliably protect it and do not transfer to third parties.

Gramblr is a completely different niche (and even different concept) than we are: this is just an alternative client for Instagram that works through unofficial API. But we are a service for sharing social influence.

I used before everliker, it was great till all IG update.
I will test your extension and give you a feedback

Thank you! We look forward to your feedback!