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Hi MP Social Community!

For the first time on this forum I’d like to publicly introduce our SMM Panel For Instagram / Facebook / YouTube / Spotify & SoundCloud - Elite Marketing:
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This panel is home to quality engagement & growth services for:

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Is the engagement delivered using bots?

  • We offer both bot engagement services and as a very exclusive service we are now using our large human pod networks to offer REAL Instagram engagement packs.

What ‘Real’ Instagram engagement services can you provide?

  • We can offer the following Real Instagram Engagement Packs:

Do your followers drop?

  • We use high quality accounts which tend to have profile pictures/bios etc. In saying this as with any honest follower providers we can’t guarantee you won’t notice slight reductions in follower numbers over time, so to mitigate this issue we always over-deliver. Instagram is now more than ever dedicated to purging fake/bot accounts from their platform, which is why we focus on delivering quality accounts with every service we offer.

Refund Policy?

  • We are dedicated to keeping our loyal clients, which is exactly why we will refund any order that doesn’t get delivered. From time to time platforms like Instagram will update their software and temporarily delay or prevent one of our services from delivering. When this happens we work fast to upgrade our system in order to get things back on track with minimal downtime.

Click Here For More FAQs

Do you accept PayPal?

  • Yes, as a matter of client safety all transactions are handled through PayPal.

Do I get a bonus from trying out your service?

  • MP Social is at the heart of what we love, as such we’re giving members who place the first 20 orders from this forum a chance to try our service with the following coupon code for 15% off your order total: ‘MPSOCIAL’ (subject to first 20 orders).

Do you reward your long term clients?

  • We sure do, referral marketers and our longest standing clients have access to permanently discount rates between 10-30% off their orders. We keep track on who sticks around and reward them as such.

Really hope you enjoy using this panel, I’d love your feedback if you give it a go! :slight_smile:

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Contact Page:


Thread approved. Good luck with the sales!

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Thanks Adnan!

Means a lot to be a part of this community, let me know if anyone has any questions :+1:

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Do you have YouTube views with high watch time? 80% or more

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Sure do, average watch time per view is approximately 2 minutes rather than being a percentage algorithm, much more beneficial for shorter videos at this stage, but hopefully improving this watch time in the near future :slight_smile:

I need 4-5 minutes

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I’ll be sure to give you a heads up once server watch times have been extended that long :ok_hand:

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask away :+1:

*** New 0 - 10K Aged Twitter Account Service Available ***

  • 0-50 Follower Accounts: $5
  • 1-2K Follower Accounts: $30
  • 5K Follower Accounts: $50
  • 10K Follower Accounts: $90
  • Verified Twitter Accounts: DM For Quote
    *Price will be reduced for bulk orders
    *Accounts created in 2018-2019

General Information:
Payment: PayPal Invoice.
Gender can be both male and female.
May or may not have profile pic and tweets.
Accounts have been warmed (some over years).
Account is suitable for any purpose.
Email and phone verified.
Cannot guarantee the country of creation.

Our service is protected and guarantees delivery.

New reduced rates for Instagram Followers & Likes have just been updated, quality remains one of the highest in the market.

Contact me for more information, or if you need a hand with anything on the site.

Our rates for our ‘Real Instagram Engagement’ packs have now been reduced!

Try out some of our best real engagement with discount code ‘MPSOCIAL’ for 15% off your first order.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions :blush:

Hi - what’s the geolocation of the real followers please?

Hey N00bby!

Sorry we don’t offer an independent real IG followers service.

We can help out with real engagement packs which include actions such as real likes, views & comments. These packs do come with a handful of real followers (up to 20, which can be from anywhere in the world), but we don’t have a large enough network to offer hundreds or thousands of real followers.

Be extremely cautious of any service that claims to sell thousands of real followers, generally it’s all smoke and mirrors :+1:

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Ok thanks for your reply. Im

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3 x Aged Verified Twitter Accounts Now In Stock In The Following Niches:

  • Sport
  • Motivation
  • Music
    All Have Approx 4K Followers.
    Original Email Supplied, & Can Link A Phone Number Once Logged In.

Price On All Accounts $1,600USD.

DM If Interested.

Are you a Smm Reseller or do you have your own backend?

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Full disclosure we’re a secondary provider, who works with a first line provider to ensure orders are processed quickly and completely - covered under a money back guarantee agreement. Seeing as though our first line provider gets most of their orders from us, it’s in their best interest to treat our client’s orders as if they were their own.

Reach out if you have any other questions :blush:

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If anyone’s looking to buy Instagram comments specific to the post content, feel free to give our ‘Real Instagram Comments’ service a go.

Use ‘MPSOCIAL’ discount code for 15% off :+1:

Rates for High Quality Instagram Followers are now on sale, guaranteed delivery or money back.

Instagram Accounts Between 1K-200K On Sale.
DM To Get A Full List.

Are these real followers or not?

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