Instagram Followers Panel Recommendation

Hi, can anyone recommend me a WORKING panel for IG Followers atm?

All the ones I try drop like crazy within a few days. Thanks for your recommendations guys.

Based on reading on different forums, there is really no panels you can rely on atm. And not to mention the prices which have exploded due to the latest IG updates.

prices still seem okay to me. One of the panels I’m using it’s $1,86/1000.

Also I wouldn’t mind paying more, if the followers wouldn’t drop by >50% within a few days…

For likes or followers? For instant likes I used to pay 0,30 per K. And for high quality followers 0,90 per K.
And since you complain about drops in your opening statement 1,86 is alot to loose :wink:

For followers.

Yep, that’s what pissing me off. Wouldn’t mind paying up, but right now it’s like throwing dollar bills into the campfire