Instagram free scraper

hello everyone
i know that most of people on here are using JV but im sure there’s some like me that they dont and maybe they’re looking for free scraper but an effective & easy one also

its a chrome extention here’s the link chrome extention

How to use it : its very easy open whatever list /followers/following/likes then inspect the element and copy it and go click the extention and choose the menu scrap similar then past in the field and you’re done btw try to load enough data by scrolling the list then scrap

happy free scraping

UPDATE : i just found out an easier methode in the video in the extention’s page just go watch it


thanks for sharing! definitely testing this out


Thank you for this share.

Can you please tell if this scraper is still working?

If anyone knows any free instagram scraper tools, please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

Why don’t you try it out? OP mentioned it was free so there’s no harm in trying it and it won’t be that time intensive.

It is a scraper not related to IG. It should be working

I was hoping others would perhaps give their 2 cents regarding free scrapers. I know you may say BUT you have JV! I know and i do have JV, but a need this for another setup.
I tried this scraper, but it did not seem to work, that’s why i asked OP if he knew if it’s still good or no.

The topic says instagram free scraper, so I believe it is related to IG :wink:

Im interested as well, Scrapping with IG Accounts is getting esch day more limited and harder.

Exact! 13 char


I have no issues. I use my home ip to scrape and it works perfectly. Try giving it a go!

why dont you just do 2sec of work and click the link. afterwards come back and rethink your statement

@naroha And if you read what I stated above, you would stop trolling! I ain’t a programmer or developer. What I see is that it says instagram free scraper. Claimed to be a chrome extension.
I tried setting it up, and it failed.

Description says: “Scraper is a very simple (but limited) data mining extension for facilitating online research when you need to get data into spreadsheet form quickly. It is intended as an easy-to-use tool for intermediate to advanced users who are comfortable with XPath.”

So obviously I have already tried more than just clicking the link.
Did you perhaps do more than clicking the link only?
Your contribution to this forum throughtout the time you have been a member is pretty obvious from your summery.
So please if you ain’t got anything constructive to say in a decent manner and nicely, don’t ever consider replying to any of my threads or posts. I am allergic towards bull…
I wish this place had a block option!
Thank you very much. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you bro. I will retry with my home ip to see if it does the trick.

I have 4 Scrapers running. I used to get ‘Sources can’t be found’ or whatever that error message was whilst I’d use Proxies.

Using my home isp is extremely fast! And I mean incredibly faster!

Damn bro. You nailed it. I couldn’t get it up and running with proxy. But with home wifi it runs smoothly. 10 likes for you :muscle::wink:

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Told you! :wink::+1::+1:

@T-tech @Micky For the moment im only able to extract Usernames from Followers/Followings List, clicking previously on Followers/Followings and scrolling to expand the list. Is there any way for do it on easier way? Any possibility of extract number of Followers/Followings as well?

What about using a proxy? I mean, what’s the success/ ban rate of this scraper? IMHO, residentials are a must. Or is there a way around this issue, of getting suspended?

Which one would you recommend using from this list of best residential providers?