Instagram Fuss. Need help

Hello, need help with three things, please:

  1. Recently bought a shoutout from a niche 12k followers with over 83% engagement rate as per phlanx. Did igaudit too and it showed 73% real followers and I manually checked those comments and seemed normal so I just went ahead. Out of the 12k followers, only got 29 clicks at the link in bio and around 400 likes in the IG post. I got post + story for $10. I am like WTH?

  2. How to find IG accounts based on location and any way to see other people’s IG account’s followers location? External IG audit tools doesn’t show account’s followers location, so any way?

  3. Which is the safe way to automate IG now just to get real niche followers based on location? Jarvee is bit expensive so any cheap or free alternative?

Anyone please help?

I may be wrong but point 1. and point 3. may be linked together.
If you are searching for a cheap way, it means you are not making much, because people are not interested in your product/ offer.
Are you sure that what you’re offering has value for people?

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It was a product, niche related product.

For shoutouts that’s pretty common, if your post doesn’t match the aesthetic it will do worse

You can buy fake followers that look like real followers and shit tools can’t tell the difference, you can buy real accounts comments and everything else, so why even bother to spend money on it

Want audience stats from the page owner. If you request for a shoutout, most of them will send it to you