Instagram get block's

Hi guys!
I get too many messages on my instagram page!
but consequently my page is blocked!
please how to decrease the blocking rate of my page!
after blocking I can not see the messages or navigate in instagram!


Are you using Jarvee/MP to do activities in your account?

no this account not use any automatisation !

let the account rest first for 24 - 48 hrs (do not use the IG app), then lower down the number of actions that you are doing

Do you use proxies on your accounts? How many accounts per proxy? are they 4g proxies?

it’s most likely your actions, what exact actions do you do on that account and how many accounts do you have on the same device?

Oh I see @aminehero04 but how do you manage your account? Manually or you do automation?

What and how many actions have you been doing?